Face Detection in OSX

After reading this (http://maniacdev.com/2011/11/tutorial-easy-face-detection-with-core-image-in-ios-5/)¬†tutorial for iOS 5 face detection I decided to try it for plain olde osX, I do find it somewhat annoying that the objective-C community is only focused on development using the iOS SDKs. The main changes involved turning the UI classes into NS classes and find ways around missing methods. I’ve uploaded my¬†Source Code, which you can download and play with.


2 thoughts on “Face Detection in OSX”

  1. thank you very much i was trying to solve the same. Do you know how to add some items on image like sunglasses or hats?

  2. Hi, there is a lot of code for combining two NSImages.. shouldn’t be two hard to combine a transparent PNG with the UIImage from the camera..

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