HP OneView – Part 3: VMware vCenter Integration

This has been a learning experience for me as i’ve not had the opportunity to interact with this tool before, however i’ve been very curious about how it brings together the single pane of glass mentality for HP kit and VMware. To build this quick Proof of Concept, i’ve HP OneView 1.20 (configured as previously described in Parts 1&2) I have also deployed a new VCSA 5.5 just for this particular test.

OneView120_DashboardI was under the impression that a windows box would only be required for the installation of the plugin due to the installer being a windows executable, however it appears that the HP OneView for VMware vCenter actually consists of a number of components and services that require a windows box to run on. The Installer and some further information can be found here: http://www8.hp.com/us/en/products/server-software/product-detail.html?oid=4152978

If the windows machine doesn’t have enough memory then the installer will fail at the end as it attempts to bring up the VMware vCenter services.


Installing HP OneView for VMware vCenter

Installation is quite straight forward and the only pre-requisites are credentials for the VMware vCenter instance and ensuring that the host that the HP OneView for VMware vCenter installation has enough resources for installation.







The installer presents a warning about ensuring that the underlying installation of HP OneView is 1.20 before you attempt to perform this installation. I’m presuming there is no backwards compatibility there, also bizarrely the installer requires the details for your VMware vCenter installation but doesn’t ask for your HP OneView installation details. Also in the event that your host or virtual machine doesn’t have enough memory provisioned, you will be presented with the following error message:



This will require un-installHPOVVC_3ing the HP OneView for VMware vCenter and rectifying the problem before attempting to re-install. Once installation has completed successfully  you’re presented with the following screen, where you should make sure that the firewall isn’t blocking any of the ports mentioned on the screen. It’s also worth double checking in a few places to make sure that the installation was successful, e.g. Task Manager to ensure the HP processes are there and “netstat -an” to ensure that the ports are listed.








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