Objective-C graphing and plotting with little-plot

As development has continued on a personal project it became obvious that I would need to implement UI elements that simply weren’t part of the Cocoa UI-kit. Essentially the main goal is presenting the user with a graph interface allowing them to quickly see a data set without having to read through line after line of figures. I looked at Core Plot (http://code.google.com/p/core-plot/), which whilst providing some great functionality looks like a HUGE amount of overkill when wanting a simple UI element.

So after a few days of tinkering I’ve created a couple of NSView subclasses allowing either manually created Views that can be presented arrays and will display the data accordingly.
I present Little-plot :

The above screenshot consists of three NSViews (LineView, PieView and LabelView), which each display a line graph, a pie chart and graph labels (or legends).

The project is available on GitHub here.

Updates will appear soon, along with some real documentation.

2 thoughts on “Objective-C graphing and plotting with little-plot”

  1. Yeah, it’s still pretty Beta/Alpha.. but I hope to tie up the loose ends over the next day or two.

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