Oracle Installation woes…

Oracle installs normally require a long time to change various settings and this is before you can get to the barebones install. A quick step through the ‘basics’ of setting up oracle requires:

РTuning of Kernel Network parameters

– Creation of Users/groups

– Creation of Oracle directories/correct permissions

– Checking Physical memory/swap

– Configuration of Shared memory segments (more kernel tuning)

– Configuration of Semaphores (Read here (if you care))

– Configuration of File Handles

– Configuration of IP port ranges

– Configuration of various shell contraints

This is before you’ve installed one piece of Oracle software, and can result in some tedious work. I’ve created ‘albeit a rough edition’ a script that should hopefully reduce this tedium to about 2-3 minutes work. It’s only for linux EL at the moment, however it’ll be tuned to work on Solaris as soon as I build another host and tune the script. ¬†Few to-do’s and i’ll upload it, perhaps someone might use it.

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