Further Xcode – HelloWorld

The inevitable HelloWorld application is a staple in learning a programming language, and provides the learner with the feeling of accomplishment as their first program speaks back to them… or something. Either way, this example will present us with a basic framework which we can use to build upon.

To break it down this example consists of,

– Creating a blank project in Xcode

– Using the default Delegate class and adding our own method (interface)

– Linking the GUI to our class

– Adding code to our method (implementation)

– Drinking tea

Xcode Primer/Tutorial/How-to

A Google search for Xcode examples and how-to’s etc.. returns a lot of results, however after following a few steps it becomes clear that the older tutorials simply can’t be followed. The newer Xcode (3.2.1 is current) has had it’s UI changed so much, especially the interface builder and the majority of instructions no longer apply.

I’m writing up the steps i’m following to learn, so that I can follow them when I have forgotten something (which I frequently do) and so that anyone else can follow them if they wish. I don’t intend to ever go too far with Xcode development, so don’t expect to find a how-to to developing a game or a photoshop alternative.