The three year mission aboard the Enterprise is over

As with all good things… they must come to an end and sadly my time at HP Enterprise (originally HP) will be coming to an end July 2017.

It has been an amazing adventure, and one that has both shaped and had a lasting effect on my career. Pre-HPE I typically had desk-based roles and would be issued work requests, such as configure this VM or design and build this Datacenter and meetings would typically feel like there were more important things I could be doing.

Fast forward to starting at HPE, my first time on the opposite side of the table being a ‘vendor’ was a rather nerve wracking experience (along with being stuck in a suit). Having to learn to deliver customer presentations along with the corporate messaging was a bizarre experience but once I got my head around the admittedly massive portfolio it was an enjoyable experience, especially when the solution came together between vendor and customer.

Occasionally you meet people who for their own amusement will try to take you to task by querying every inane detail of a server or network switch, but you learn pretty quick (or your skin toughens up) how to cope.

I also had my first real exposure to presenting on stage, which was (and still is) an utterly nerve wracking experience. The first time at HP ETSS (Enterprise Technology Solutions Summit) was awful I can still remember standing on stage mumbling and shaking away hoping it would all end ASAP. Since then I’ve presented all over the place including an exhausting solid week of full day presentations in Johannesburg, which again was an amazing experience. I still have a lot to learn but can just about put together a presentation that I’d rate as “acceptable” 🙂

Also whilst at HPE I was exposed to Open Source and started developing again, which is quite amusing given I originally did a degree in Software Engineering and then promptly moved into Infrastructure and Hardware management/configuration. I’ve been very fortunate to get involved and meet some amazing developers in both Docker and Chef over the last couple of years along with getting to contribute to various projects.

I’ve nothing but great memories from the last three years (apart from people trying (and failing) to force me to use salesforce). Also here is to the DCA team, who helped and taught me so much during my time at HPE (gone but not forgotten).

So heres to whats next!

2 thoughts on “The three year mission aboard the Enterprise is over”

  1. Dan, Great to meet you and great to see energy bursting at the seams from people who have vision, clarity in their direction and the confidence to persevere. Not sure where you will go next (who does really?) but hope we cross paths again and of course, the first glass is on me!


  2. Great shame to hear you’re leaving us Dan. Remember very well our week in Joburg, also one of the highlights of my time with HPE. Best of luck in your future endeavours, sure our paths will cross at some point in the future.
    Kind Regards,

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