Virtualized.. Virtualised .. ?

Recently I managed to finally build and configure the Xen¬†Hypervisor and put together a bunch of virtual machines all together. I forked out for a new box (quad core, 4Gb Ram) two months ago and getting to point that we’re at now has been a lot of tweaking, googling, patching and the odd bit of botching.

My original plan was a straight forward Vmware esx install, however it turns out that Vmware are obviously working tightly with harware vendors so it wouldnt use any old disk controller i.e. the one i have on my motherboard.

Then after a bit of deliberation it was decided that Xen would be best method to use to host virtual machines. Gentoo was selected as i decided that the ability to hand-tailor my kernel compile etc. would allow me that extra speed advantage, a bit over the top in hindsight. The build process is all well documented on the gentoo wiki -> here

Once completed the initial Gentoo install using the emerge tool took care of most of the xen install etc.. following the HOW-TO gentoo-xen guide in the wiki pretty much covers all -> here

Once the reboot was complete the box came up and then the shortfalls in the how-to became apparent:

  • the network-bridge script never worked correctly
  • finding alternate documentation is pretty hard work
  • networking once up needs tweaking for some domU’s (TCP checksums)
  • there is¬†barely any¬†documentation on enabling console anywhere

More to follow …

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